Pyrite information

Follow the steps below if you have concerns relating to the effects of pyrite damage on your domestic gas pipework

Steps for potential pyrite damage

Regular servicing of appliances

Gas Networks Ireland recommends that all gas users have their gas appliances serviced and gas pipework inspected for safety every 12 months by a Registered Gas Installer (RGI).  By law, only an RGI can carry out gas works in your home.  You can find a RGI in your area by visiting

This appliance service and safety inspection includes a pressure test of the gas pipework as well as a visual inspection of all visible pipework as required by the Irish Standard 813 (I.S. 813).  This pressure test and visual inspection are a means of confirming the current integrity of your gas pipework.

If you have had a safety inspection of your gas pipework in the past 12 months, but you have further concerns now, you should engage an RGI to have complete another safety check.

Contact a structural engineer

If you have ongoing concerns in relation to the structure of your home, you will need to engage the services of a structural engineer to advise you.  If you need help in sourcing such a service, the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage can assist you and Engineers Ireland maintains registers of professionally competent persons (chartered engineers) who are specifically qualified to advise in relation to pyrite issues.

What we do

Gas Networks Ireland has already surveyed the service pipe/ meter installation to your home (i.e. your meter and the pipework leading from the footpath/ road up to your meter) and we will continue to monitor these over the coming years.  If we identify any issues with your service pipe/ meter installation arising from pyrite issues we will notify you of the issue and have it rectified immediately.  No issues have been identified to date.

Gas Networks Ireland does not organise inspections of the gas appliances or pipework on the customer’s side of the meter.  This is the sole responsibility of the owner/ occupier.

Contact us

Meanwhile, if you have any specific concerns in relation to your meter/ service (apart from concerns in relation to your internal installation) please contact us on 1800 464 464.  If you smell gas you should contact Gas Networks Ireland on 1800 20 50 50 immediately.