Benefits of natural gas for your home

Cleaner, reliable energy for new and existing homes

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Natural gas heats your home, cooks your food, and helps create the electricity you use every day. It is cleaner and more reliable than fuels such as oil, coal, LPG and electricity.

Benefits of using gas in the home

  • 1. There are over 720,000 homes and businesses that use and trust natural gas

  • 2. Produces less CO2 than other conventional fuels such as oil and coal

  • 3. No need for orders, deliveries, bulky fuel tanks or surprise payments

  • 4. Heats your home faster than electricity and other conventional fuels

  • 5. Can improve the building energy rating (BER) of your home

  • 6. Can be easily combined with renewables such as solar panels

Want to switch from oil to natural gas?

It's easy to make the switch from oil to reliable natural gas for your home.

We've created a dedicated page that outlines the different steps in the process. Take the first one today and find out if your home can connect to natural gas.


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Cleaner compared to other fuels

Nowadays, we are all more aware of our impact on the environment. Natural gas is cleaner compared to other conventional fuels – it can reduce your home’s carbon emissions, while helping you to improve your home’s energy rating. Using natural gas as your primary energy source produces less CO2 than electricity (31%), peat (43%), coal (40%), oil (21%) and LPG (11%). The combination of natural gas and solar panels is a practical, efficient way for new houses to achieve even further reductions in emissions. View more detail on the report outlining the environmental benefits of natural gas.

Versatility of gas in the home

It's not just for speedy home heating. Natural gas can power a range of appliances including cookers and hobs, tumble dryers, real flame fires and outdoor lighting. In fact, it outperforms other energy sources in the kitchen, allowing you to accurately control heat in an instant.

More convenient and reliable

Unmatched in terms of efficiency, reliability and controllability, natural gas is available at the push of a button. Experience a constant and uninterrupted supply piped straight to your home, 24 hours a week, 365 days a year, with no need to place an order, arrange deliveries or have a bulky oil tank.

Be part of a cleaner energy future

Today, more than 680,000 Irish homes rely on the gas network to provide safe, reliable and flexible energy to meet their needs. By gradually replacing natural gas with renewable, carbon neutral and ultimately zero carbon gases, such as biomethane and hydrogen, these same homes and more will be powered by increasingly cleaner energy. Renewable gas, which began flowing on the network in 2019, is the first step on this journey. Produced from agricultural and food waste, this renewable gas can be used through the existing boilers and appliances, meaning customers will be able to play their part in progressing Ireland towards a cleaner energy future, without changing a thing.


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