Outdoor gas lighting

Use elegant gas lighting to illuminate and decorate your outdoor spaces.


An old tradition made new

Create an elegant atmosphere in your outdoor spaces with gas lighting. Once commonplace as a lighting method, gas lighting is still available and allows the option of adding bespoke architectural solutions such as a flaming torch (flambeaux lighting).

Why choose gas lighting?

Gas lighting is pleasing to the eye giving a soft glow with no harsh glare. Plus, unlike electric light, gaslights do not attract insects, are low maintenance, and will continue to work even if there is an electricity power cut.

Styles to suit any outdoor design

Choose from lamp posts, lanterns, pathway lighting, and torches to bring your outdoor space to life at night. These type of lights can be fitted by a number of methods, fixed to the wall, free standing, by brackets and columns.

Why choose natural gas

The most reliable energy solution

Enjoy a constant and uninterrupted supply with no need to order or schedule deliveries. Piped straight to your house or premises, say goodbye to bulky fuel tanks and storage areas.

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