Gas cooking

Add speed, versatility, and superior control to your cooking.


A clear winner in the kitchen

Cooking with gas is the preferred method for chefs and cooks across Ireland. The speed, versatility, and superior control it offers makes gas the clear winner over other methods such as electric.

Instant heat

Gas hobs, ovens and cookers offer instant heat at the flick of a switch or push of a button. This is especially useful on the hob, where there is no long wait for heat to build up, or cool off. Great for precision cooking and speedy results.

Reduce your running costs

A gas oven and hob can save you running costs of over 50% compared to an electric oven and hob. This is based on average tariffs for gas and electricity.. Meaning you can cook and save at the same time.

Fits right in

Gas cookers, hobs, and ovens come in a wide range of styles and sizes, allowing you get the right fit for your lifestyle and kitchen.

Why choose natural gas

The most reliable energy solution

Enjoy a constant and uninterrupted supply with no need to order or schedule deliveries. Piped straight to your house or premises, say goodbye to bulky fuel tanks and storage areas.

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