Distribution tariffs

The distribution tariffs consist of capacity and commodity charges that apply for use of the distribution natural gas network systems.

CRU agreed distribution tariffs

The tariff calculations are based on the allowable revenue, as agreed with the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU), and forecast demands. The allowable revenue that Gas Networks Ireland earn is calculated to reimburse Gas Networks Ireland's capital investment in the distribution system and also to recover allowable operating costs. Forecast capacities/demands set at the outset of the gas year are based on expected reserved capacity and expected commodity use of gas. There is an 80:20 capacity/commodity split to recover the allowable revenue of each system.

The distribution tariff uses a tiered structure whereby alternative charges are applied to customers based on their annual quantities. The charging categories are as follows:
(1) ≤ 73 MWh
(2) > 73 MWh - ≤ 14,653 MWh
(3) > 14,653 MWh - ≤ 57,500 MWh
(4) > 57,500 MWh

All distribution customers also use the transmission network and therefore contribute both distribution and transmission tariffs.

Current tariff

The current tariffs can be viewed below:


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Distribution Calculator

The Distribution Calculator allows you to input your distribution entry and/or exit point requirements which will be used to calculate the applicable distribution tariff.