Code of Operations

The Code of Operations governs the relationship between the Transporter and the Shippers on the transportation (transmission and distribution) network.

Code of operations

By signing Framework Agreements, Shippers accept the terms of the Code of Operations. In February 2005, the CRU approved the implementation of a new Code of Operations which governs the rules for both the transmission and the distribution network. These rules became effective on April 1st 2005.

The latest version of the code (Version 5.03) was published in January 2020. The Code can be viewed below. The Code is comprised of sections outlining the general principles of the Code, regulatory compliance, the capacity arrangements (both entry and exit), the nomination and allocation arrangements, balancing, Shipper registration, gas specification and quality, as well as the various sections on congestion management, legal and general.

Gas Networks Ireland Code of Operations Version 5.03:​

Code of Operations