Wheelie Bins and Safe Access to Your Gas Meter

There have been a number of incidents where wheelie bins have been maliciously set on fire and have subsequently damaged the gas meter installations. Gas Networks Ireland offers the following advice for public and private premises:

  • Where possible, do not store waste materials or wheelie bins on or adjacent to the gas meter insulation as this increases the potential fire risk if the waste material were to be ignited.

Please consider:

  • Storing waste or bins at a place away from the gas meter installation.
  • Keeping waste and/or bins in a secure area.
  • Restricting movement of wheelie bins so that they cannot be placed adjacent to the gas installation.

General advice

Please try and keep your gas meter installation unobstructed and freely accessible.  Prune any overgrown bushes or shrubs that may restrict access.  This is particularly important for safety as speedy access to the meter installation can be crucial in the event of a gas leak.

It is also important that meter readers can gain access to read the meter when they call. This will ensure that any bills issued by your gas supplier are accurate and based on actual readings, instead of estimated reads which are generated if a meter is inaccessible.