CNG Testimonials

Virginia International Logistics

Virginia International Logistics is a family owned business located in Maghera, Virginia, Co. Cavan, Kells, Co. Meath, Ballycoolin, Co. Dublin, Ireland & Tamworth UK with over 35 years’ experience in temperature controlled, dry freight and containerized transport. They chose CNG due to its sustainability as members of Bord Bia’s Origin Green program, they believe they have a responsibility to inspire others to create a sustainable tomorrow.

'It is totally green transport. People are looking to turn their supply chains green, and that is why we are changing our fleet, to save the carbon footprint.'

Ray Cole
Co-owner / Transport Director, Virginia International Logistics.

Clean Ireland Recycling

Clean Ireland Recycling has become one of the leading providers of waste management services in the Mid-West. Providing a full range of waste management services to domestic and commercial customers, Clean Ireland Recycling has built up a strong reputation for legally compliant and cost effective waste management services.

“Transitioning our waste collection fleet to CNG will achieve a reduction of up to 22 percent in CO2 emissions and a 99 percent reduction in particulate matter. Not only does this make sense environmentally, CNG can achieve fuel cost savings of up to 35 percent, so the decision to adopt the technology is the smart choice. Customers are becoming more focused on the sustainability of their supply chain and, if we are asking them to adopt environmentally-friendly waste management initiatives, we need to practice what we preach.”

Brian Lyons
Director, Clean Ireland Recycling.


BWG Foods operates one of the largest delivery fleets in the country with approximately 280 vehicles combining to cover over 25 million kilometres each year. They supply over 1,000 stores nationwide - which together serve more than one million people per day - along with a further 14,000 additional professional customers across the retail, food service and licensed sectors.

“Our focus in BWG Foods is to create an environmentally sustainable business that makes a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate. Today’s announcement is a significant statement of our intent to substantially reduce the environmental impact of our expansive nationwide supply chain operation. This announcement complements a number of other sustainability initiatives that we have launched at store level including energy, waste and plastic reduction programmes.”

Willie O'Byrne
Managing Director, BWG Foods.

Food Surplus Management (FSM)

Using their own fleet of vehicles, FSM collect products from manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers across the length and breadth of Ireland. Their state of the art plants enable them to recover 95% of all food collected for the renewable gas industry. They recently received a delivery of two Scania CNG-fuelled vehicles that will reduce emissions by 15% versus diesel. All food collected by FSM is processed in anaerobic digestion plants, producing renewable gas which ultimately fuels their vehicles.

"We have been operating two CNG vehicles for almost two years now thanks to Gas Networks Ireland’s CNG Vehicle Fund, as part of the Causeway Project. We know that we can reduce emissions and fuel costs and at the same time reduce our carbon footprint. Our experience to date with Scania CNG vehicles has been a very positive one."

Niall J Lord
Managing Director, Food Surplus Management Ltd.

Dixon Transport

Dixon Transport's fleet is getting greener with the arrival of four CNG Scania R410 trucks that entered the fleet. They boast the benefit of lowering carbon emissions by 27% over diesel power trucks. Doing our very best to safeguard our environment in a sustainable way.

"In October 2018, Dixon Transport invested in four Scania R410 CNG tractor units. It was a leap of faith for the company moving away from the tried and tested Euro VI Diesel versions. After comparing the lower running costs of the CNG trucks versus the diesel equivalent, the additional capital outlay was worth the risk. Our company’s motto for 2019 was "Green for 19", so, along with other incentives including solar energy, bringing trucks with a lower environmental impact into the fleet made sense. With the expansion of the CNG network at home and in the UK, there is the possibility of further additions for next year’s fleet renewal."

Colum Aungier
Logistics Manager, Dixon Transport.


Elsatrans Ltd. offers a 24/7 road transport service to the retail, manufacturing and logistics industries throughout Ireland. Road transport contributes about one-fifth of the EU’s total emissions of CO2, the main greenhouse gas. Elsatrans aims to reduce their carbon footprint with the introduction of new CNG trucks.

“Great to hear about the opening of two new CNG stations. This gives us the confidence to order more CNG vehicles later this year as the location of these stations are ideal. Ireland is among the last nations in Europe to develop a network of CNG filling stations. The alternative fuel – with a much lower emissions profile – is commonly used by European hauliers, with particularly extensive filling networks in Germany, Austria, Italy, Sweden and the Benelux nations.”

Aaron McAleenan
Managing Director, Elsatrans.

Case study

Download our CNG customer case study to find out more about our CNG station network and the Irish businesses who have made the decision to invest in commercial CNG vehicles. Discover why these customers found CNG to be the most sustainable fuel choice for their businesses and the environment.

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