Meter replacement

We are currently replacing older gas meters with more advanced models. The meter replacement programme will help ensure that we continue to provide customers with an excellent service and maintain a modern network using the next generation of gas meters.

No cost to you

Your meter will be replaced at no cost to you and with the very least amount of disruption possible. The work takes 2-4 hours to complete. It will also include additional safety checks carried out free of charge. Gas Networks Ireland connects all gas customers to the network regardless of which natural gas supply company you are with.


Replacing your meter in a few easy steps

Step One

A site survey will take place to assess what work is involved. This will take approximately one hour and your gas supply will not be interrupted during the survey. Fingleton White Consulting Engineers will undertake this survey on behalf of us. We will contact you directly to arrange a time for carrying out the installation of your new meter. The work will be carried out at no cost to you and with minimum disruption. If the time allocated you does not suit please let us know by calling Businesslink on 1800 411 511.

Step Two

A Gas Networks Ireland representative will come to your property at the appointed time to remove your existing meter and replace it with the new meter. Our contractor's carry photo ID badges identifying them as contractors of Gas Networks Ireland.

Step Three

While we are replacing your existing meter with a new meter we will need to turn off your gas supply temporarily. Before your gas can be turned back on again, your installation must pass a safety check, therefore it is essential that there is someone at the premises to allow us access to your property.

Step Four

Once we have access to your property we will also be carrying out a safety inspection (I.S. 820 Annex E). This is an extra service we are providing free of charge to our customers to ensure that your installation and natural gas appliances are operating in a safe manner. We recommend to have your installation certified by a competent installer prior to the works being carried out by us. This work should take no longer than 2-4 hours  to complete. However, if there are any unexpected complications it may take longer. Every effort will be made to ensure that interruption to your supply is kept to a minimum.

What is not included in the meter replacement programme?

Meter relocation

These are not automatically carried out under the meter replacement programme. If you wish to have the meter relocated, a separate request will need to be made to us. A quotation will be issued and payment must be made before work commences.

Repairs of appliances or pipework

If a gas appliance and / or the installation are found to be faulty during the safety inspection, it will be isolated in line with safety procedures. The repair of the appliance and / or installation is the customer’s responsibility.

Contact us

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